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  • noohbs noohbs Apr 20, 2013 7:34 AM Flag

    Anyone Here Brave Enough to Call The....


    price on PPHM by Market Close next Friday April, 26th?
    No hunches - just facts.

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    • With all those additional shares, i don't think 0.7 will hold this time!

    • Shorts will continue to badger this stock's rise next week. A struggle at best until we near the end of the month. May should be our month to shine for all of the reasons described below by Silverback & Wookie.

      Not hunches there...just the facts! LOL

    • $.73 AT CLOSE

    • The facts are that any prediction that involves 6 days from now is a hunch.

    • the stock is ENTIRELY catalyst driven.....
      what we have seen over the past couple weeks is just more buying then selling, to speculate on no news, sure the stock could climb to 1.80/share could drop to 1.30/share if a major sell off happens in the market due to AAPL earnings etc.
      but gamblers are coming in and shorts are slowly covering there is far too much great news that could potentially come out ....
      Again 1.30-1.80 is realy bad and does not matter to true longs, the price WILL reset on the next PRs Im certain as I have ever been whatever thats worth....
      Peregrine needs FDA green light phase III then the real investors will come in not just us gamblers.
      If BTD game over the stock will climb to the likes of ARIA PCYC VRTX but for today thats just dreaming....
      the only worry we longs have is Peregrine funding their own phase III becuse they are too greedy to partner for low money .....
      We will know the whole story in the next couple of months Im holding and believe Bavituximab will change oncology and the curse of cancer forever and will finally bring hope.... and great wealth to those invested...
      again potential news tuesday.....
      the last time my friend at SSB called the PR it happened it was the excellent ARCA PR which expanded on the lung cancer trial and immunity!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • There are no facts yet except for underlying ones. we can only insert events and what the effect MAY be on the PPS.
      Underlying facts show that we would be worth North of $5.50 if the dose switch hadn't if FACTS pertaining to the dose switch come out in PPHMs favor we should head towards that number.

      Actually just about any significant news will rocket PPHM towards the $5.50 number. Remember, we dropped to 80 pennies in about 3 seconds so it can go up just as fast.
      Significant news...Cotara Partner, Bavi PIII Approval or BTD, Bavi Partner, PII Frontline NSCLC 14 months MOS(imho)......A Bavi Liver Asian Partner....
      So my guess(which is all we can do based on known catalysts) is significant news jumps us to $5ish almost immediately and depending on the significance...assuming a Tnewsday release, $5 on Tues/Wed....
      Cotara Partner $7ish
      Bavi Partner $10ish
      BTD $17sh
      Frontline Data 14mnths MOS I would say $5ish but this would be a huge confirmation of Bavis MOA so $7ish

      BAD news and we ar 50 pennies....

      Best of Best Data, Partner(s), FDA Approval(s) and Luck


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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