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  • almost9lives almost9lives Apr 25, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    wook, PPHM IR ,sabotage and FDA

    If you go to IHUB and read post 120126 you may get the feeling,as I do, that all the clamor for FDA, FBI, SEC, etc. investigations about "dose switching" may NOT be happening in such a frantic manner as a wook may portray it to be. This is my opinion from reading that post and I don't think I'm alone. If Bavi was "IT" I don't believe that conversation would have sounded like it did. I am just posting to what I believe the context of convo between wook and IR Seems peculiar that HUSH and stop pestering us is an aggressive plan of attack. Maybe I'm missing something. Certain brighter, more intelligent posters from IHUB will sort this out. IMO 9

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    • I read the post as well. Assuming that the conversation actually took place; here is my take on it:
      PPHM is well aware that the investigation will drag on for years and will amount to chump change at best.

      Stop dwelling on who wronged who and concentrate on where the real money lies: FDA approval to move forward.

    • I read that post, what a croc from PPHM if that post was truthful. Typical to form, they never say anything that can be verified, ever. Be it "we're in talks", HCV data, pancreatic subsets, cotara china data, Dios proejct, stason project, phage project, etc etc etc.

      Now we have the person of interest (if he/she really exists which I personally doubt) is "lawyered up". This bs might be PPHM's "get out of jail free" card for fooling around with the NSCLC data in the first place. None of this makes any sense excpet for that scenario.

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      • The reason I posted originally is because of the over-the-top declarations made by many over 'there' how the FDA and maybe FBI will be down the throats of all responsible for sabotaging a potential drug that might cure cancer. FDA approved facility with "dose switching" proven before anyone is charged is hardly the criminal justice system at its finest. Bios have always had great potential and some win/some lose. "Dose switching" should be criminal, if it's PROVEN! The part about IR asking not to be bothered is laughable. Seriously? IMO 9

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