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  • jcmoneystox jcmoneystox Jun 18, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    The problem with consolidation

    Is that every 3 months the stock price stays the same without a partner and cash infusion, the company is burning another $3-6 million and another 3-5 million shares are issued. So even though the stock is the same price, the company's assets are declining while the share count is rising. Even with a partner, the share price could go up 50%, but that only gets the price per share to where it was 3 weeks ago.

    Something doesn't add up here. There should be big money pouring into this stock, but A/D shows huge money outflows. I love the potential, but simply can't ignore the facts that point to something unexpectedly bad happening soon.

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    • Who says big money isn't interested? Just because they don't PR the negotiations or whether there are negotiations going on does not mean they are not negotiating. The company's actions (hiring, getting Phase 3 approval, announcing start of trial by end of year) does imply that they are confident of either going it alone (not very likely) or that they will have a partner in place soon. The real problem is that you (and many others) are impatient and want the company to feed you information that will make you feel better. The problem is that when you are negotiating with another party or several parties, you cannot usually announce to the world what you are negotiating or who you are negotiating with as those companies might not want that to be public information. Deals have been broken or screwed up for much less.

      If you don't have the patience or truly believe this will never happen, well....just don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on the way out! As for me, I can see the signals that something great is on the horizon, and yes, I may have to wait a bit longer for it. However, looking at the science and the trial results thus far, and that nothing out there appears to be better than what we potentially have here, I would be a fool not to wait this out. I have been in too many stocks where I waited a long time, kept seeing other stocks I was interested in pop only to end up selling out because I was tired of waiting.....only to see the huge pop I had been waiting for to finally show up after I got out. We are close to the golden ring on this...I am willing to wait for as long as it takes. We will really know where we stand by October, one way or another. My belief is that it will be an outstanding year when all is said and done.

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      • Zzzzzzz....

        You are one boring geezer. Bet that stubborn little cuss of a wife of yours feel asleep during sex back in the day.

      • Trust me when I say that me having patience has nothing to do with it. If there were a patience meter, I would be at the top. I'll give you an example. CYTK just had Amgen agree to purchase $10 million worth of their stock for $1.19. The week prior to the announcement, money flow was up, Accumulation line was up, Chaikin money flow was up...all indicating that something positive was happening as money was moving into the stock. The exact opposite is happening to PPHM. Maybe the big money's waiting for the front-line results, but it's not coming into PPHM yet.

    • You're right money- something doesn't add up.
      The news is positive but the stock is floundering. Big money should be showing it's nose and it isn't. That's a big red flag!

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