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  • I'm looking into PTY as an intermediate to long term investment and was wondering what exactly they do and if it is a good place to put my money in the coming weeks and months. I saw that they had a policy change, which people seem not to like, and want to know what it means for their future, earnings power, and dividend. Thanks!

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    • jdfunnell Jan 13, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

      Geez! Talk about asking a MB to do your due diligence. I would suggest you think about walking on your own two feet.

      Anyway, here's the scoop: PTY makes widgets. As any business school person knows, everyone in the world makes them, so it's hard to differentiate and grab share.

      So, PTY has decided to go in two new directions at the same time. First, they are going to make midgets, which is to get a jump on nano-scale widgets, because everyone knows the next big idea is really, really small. Just ask Professor Feynman.

      Second, they are also going to make digits, which are larger widgets, which no one is currently making. They intend to sell those into markets like China, which likes everything on a bigger scale and PTY thinks they can own the place. Also to Middle Eastern Emirates and the like, which want their buildings to go as far in the sky as their oil drills go into the sand. Digits should actually be helpful in either case.

      Hope this fills you in on PTY, what it does and how they will own the future.


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