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  • woodbarn woodbarn May 9, 1999 4:59 PM Flag

    MXTR TOO LOW and the WSP

    So I would have to disagree with you that WDC is
    the QUALITY leader. I just bought a WDC oem 8.4G
    harddrive and it makes the most noise and vibration of
    MAXTOR, FUJITSU, and WDC drives I have tried. My ranking
    for the three drives I have tried would be:

    FUJITSU 6.4G - light noise spinning, quiet reads and
    2. MAXTOR 3.6G - moderate noise spinning, noisy
    reads and writes
    3. WDC 8.4G - moderate noise
    spinning, loud reads, writes, searches (changing

    Noise is a big factor when buying and using a
    harddrive. I hate using noisy harddrives. I was the most
    satisfied with the FUJITSU 6.4G. It's very quiet. I was not
    very satified with either MAXTOR or the new noisy WDC.
    So I would probably buy another FUJITSU or try
    another manufacture (I haven't tried Seagate

    What drives have you tried?