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  • beano23 beano23 Sep 14, 2007 1:23 PM Flag

    R/S wow. Best micro play.

    MY TARGET: $5+ within a year.

    Not many companies in any any sector.... can claim higher growth rates than NTWK.

    During an investors' presentation last month NTWK's CEO said that the company will report $30M (or better) in revenues for 2007 on September 19, 2007.

    To achieve $30M+ revenues NTWK will likely report 4Q revenues between $9.4 and $10M and a profit from 3 - 5c/share. Compare this to revenues of $4.6M and a loss of 9c/share in 4Q 2006.

    Here is NTWK's phenomenal growth Y/Y and Q/Q:

    *** Yearly Revenue Growth:

    - 2007: $30M+ per last month's comments.

    - 2006: $18.7M

    - 2005: $12.4M

    - 2004: $5.7M

    *** Quarterly Revenue Growth:

    - 4Q 2007 ....Revenues: $9.4 - $10M ....Net Income 4c/share (estimated)

    - 3Q 2007.....Revenues: $7.6M.....Net Loss of 2c/share

    - 2Q 2007.....Revenues: $7.2M ....Large loss due to a one-time non-cash charge

    - 1Q 2007.....Revenues: $5.8M .....Net loss of 7c/share

    - 4Q 2006.....Revenues: $4.6M .....Net Loss of 9c/share


    - NTWK Will report about 4c/share 4Q 2007 net income in just a few more days vs. a 9c loss in 4Q 2007

    - Will report over $30M revenues for 2007 compared to $18.7M in 2006, $12.4M in 2005, and $5.7M in 2004

    - Will report over 70% 4Q 2007 revenue growth over 4Q 2006 in September

    - Gross margins keep increasing and are now well over 50%. Cheap Pakistani technical salaries are mainly responsible for increasing margins

    - NTWK is the leading is the candidate in a $300M IT contract in Pakistan sponsored by the World Bank and the local Government.

    - 50%/year revenue growth for the last 4 years

    - Huge growth in China, India, Pakistan, and Europe. Focused on growing its US market share.

    - Only 8M share float

    - Insiders have been buying recently

    - Strong balance sheet

    - Poised to become consistently profitable.

    NTWK is growing exponentially in the Asia/Pacific region particularly in China, India, and Pakistan. NTWK is also growing fast in Europe, Australia and other regions. NTWK is now focused to grow the US market based on its success globally.

    Netsol is considered the premier software company in Pakistan.....the only one withboth ISO 9001 and SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMMi (Capability Maturity Model) Level 5 assessment in Pakistan. This is a distinction shared by only 94 companies worldwide!!!

    NTWK is one of four companies being evaluated by the Government of Punjab, pakistan and the World Bank to evaluate capabilities of finalists for selection of Two (2)vendors to manage a $300M IT Project for the pakistany state of Punjab. NTWK is considered an insider because it has a huge complex in Lahore, Punjab and it has already won many contracts in the region. The 4 finalists were selected out of 9 companies that qualified for the initial screening.

    Winning this contract would make NTWK a $100M company overnight. The 2 winners will be announced shortly:

    Here is NTWK's impressive customer list:

    The only analyst covering the stock has a $3 target and expects 50% revenue growth and 15c/share net income next year.

    About NetSol Technologies

    Netsol technologies is a US-based holding company with operating subsidiaries in the US, UK, and Asia, most of which provide enterprise software and related IT services. The company leverages its low-cost development offices in Pakistan to provide rock-bottom prices (and higher margins) then found in most IT companies. Currently Netsol's market cap is about one half of the combined market cap of the companies it currently owns.