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  • hubcap1234_00 hubcap1234_00 May 23, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    This stinks

    Put 150k into this at 6.23.. Is it over?

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    • The run is over. Probably heading to $5. The interest/dividend will not make up for what you without a doubt lose in NAV. Sell it while you can.

    • High yield Corp Bond Funds will never "be over " BUT,,BUT,, The NAV will drop over the next several months/ years to probably around $5.00.. SO SELL now and get back in at a much lower price. Your NAV is going down.. Don`t be a fool.. yields are going down so naturally NAV`s must drop to protect the yield.. YOU really need to buy BALANCED FUNDS.. Take a look at VPDFX a Vanguard Fund..Good luck. MY HUMBLE OPINION..

    • Don't think so. Look at the charts. Every time Bernanke talks to Congress bonds of all types seem to sell off. Then as we get further away from the time he spoke rationality seems to come back in to the market. Because we have so much computerized trading now there seems to be violent swings for a few days after he speaks because all the traders are trying to guess if and when the FED will cut back on QE. The market looks like it could rally tomorrow. If so,you probably won't see any immediate improvement in the NAV of VWEHX. But ETF's like HYG and JNK will rally immediately. But it will take a few days for VWEHX to go back up.

      I got out at 6.21 and now I can't get back in for 60 days. So,I'll be buying ETF's until I can get back into VWEHX. I will still get the full month's div with the ETF even if I buy at the end of the month. Quite a nice thing about the junk ETF's as opposed to the mutual funds.

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