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  • runner_mtn runner_mtn Feb 2, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Valuation too low compare to peers

    STVI has $16M revenue, QPSA has around $40M. FFN's revenue is 20 times that of STVI's and 10 times that of QPSA. This stock is grossly undervalued per peer comparison. This should be at $10+ range.

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    • at one times sale, PPS sits at $10/sh, that also the first year target. Let's break $1.60 tomorrow.

    • rodney there are finra numbers that relate to those equities that had deficiancy or failure to deliver. Who writes the SEC regulations? Goldman Sachs is as Big as the Oil Companies but runs Wall street. They have stole enough money from these markets to grease the palms of the decision makers multiple hundreds of times over. Short shares covered and paid for are not counted. If the Hedge knows this is going higher they flip. Cover and go long. They know ahead of time where they are taking this. You and I can only follow or guess and try to be there ahead of them. Math in your favor says wait till the volume builds then make your move. Otherwise go to cash and wait till the gift shows up. I look for at least 3 things. A story. Volume. Trend in your favor. Take profits especially those overdone pops. There are multiple plays each day in the market. Find the ones that are on the move. If the stock is dead so is your money. In that case better safe on the sidelines looking for entry in one headed up on the trend line.

    • Speaking of volume I was looking at the past history and what baffles me is days with a mil+ the price swings in the stock is vast.

      Here we have had significant volume over the past week each day in the millions. Short interest in this stock shows 1.5 million shares short. The volume so far is 10+ mil... where are they getting the shares to cover. If you look at the candlestick chart i can see there is large blocks purchased, way more than those sold... where are the shares coming from??

      To me I think i smell some naked short selling here cause this baby almost cycled through the float twice. How can this be??? And we were as low as 1.07 today...really???

      Do you have any explanation for this? We are trading way above the average, talking about 1000% increase in volume over the past week...what gives?

      Thanks for your input.


    • I have no idea where this is going and when. I think the Hedge decides 99% of the time where they will take it with their software and machines. If they lose control they will do whatever next makes them money. If there is little to no buying then we're probably headed down. If it dips on low volume pre buy whatever you can as they will take it higher most times. If it spikes on pre with low volume unwind whatever you can and reposition 10% lower. $2.00? Not a chance without volume of double our biggest days. I just don't see it in the cards. Look at the daily. This is an animal with habits. Watch the trading it is always telling you something. Look at the trend line both shorter and longer and use that information to your advantage. We're in a short term lift that could change right after the morning spike? Or it might dip and catch a few unwinding before it takes off and sets newer highs. Volume is the key. If it's present then the elephants are on the move. Move along with them or get crushed.

      FFN was trading in tandem for the FB affect until todays article. Someone knows and the bounce today is in sympathy. I think the pressure will mount simply through the guilt by association affect.