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  • irbbping irbbping Feb 21, 2008 9:16 AM Flag

    latest OTC report

    The latest OTC report (the guy with all the cheap shares) is worth reading. It is quite a bit more realistic than previous reports. He wonders if people, including himself, will have the guts to stay in spicy for 2 years in this market. He points out that 7 million free shares are now or shortly coming on the market and could drive the price below $1. He points out that the most of the recent insiders that paid .85 probably will probably not sell at these prices so are in for the longer haul. Like I say
    worth reading. Disclosure-STill no position

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      Pickle Bermuda Triangle Extends as Franchisees Ink Five New

      Shares of Spicy Pickle gave a little ground this week as the stock
      drifted back down to the bottom of its ever extending Bermuda

      Today, just after the market closed, SPKL announced that franchisees
      have signed leases for five new locations- three of which are in
      states that don't have a store- yet. As CEO Marc Geman points out in
      the press release, nearly every state that got a first location ended
      up with one or more additional locations. First stores tend to act as
      a foothold for expansion.

      Brooklyn NY, Ocala FL, and Norman OK are all going to have Spicy
      Pickle locations. San Diego is getting a second store, and Austin is
      getting its third. San Diego and Norman are expected to open in late
      spring, and the other three will be summer openings.

      The Brooklyn store will be the first in the NY Metro area, which is a
      very important strategic move for the company. There's a value added
      component beyond just one more store. The NY Metro area support a
      very large number of additional stores. On the more intangible side,
      this will give investors, investment bankers, m&a specialists, and a
      whole raft of other important figures the opportunity to try the
      food. Many people who have an interest in small stocks who try the
      food become shareholders. The Brooklyn store could become a milestone
      in the company's development.

      As I was thinking about today's news, I couldn't help but mentally
      fast forward to a time when the company will have 100 locations open
      and who knows how many more in development. I wonder what price the
      stock will be trading at when it happens, and how many shares anyone
      who is reading this coverage will own?- myself included. It's worth
      asking yourself if you can mentally commit to holding this stock for
      another two years and seeing where we end up. It will be an
      interesting journey. The overall stock market environment is making
      it a bumpy road, but it should lead to a rewarding destination.

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      • Green...A well thought out post. Thank you...................jack

      • These five leases will end up as new stores, and there are a number
        of others in development. SPKL does not announce new locations until
        leases are actually signed, but there is a lot more going on at the
        company. By the back half of 2008, SPKL will probably be opening 3 to
        4 new stores per month.

        On to the chart. As you can see, the SPKL Bermuda triangle is
        continuing to extend, with the stock now bumping along the bottom
        towards the ever narrowing apex.

        There seems to be a bit of supply hitting the market these days, and
        the wide spread volume shortage has the sellers winning by a very
        small margin right now. This is hardly surprising against the back
        drop of this Bear Market.

        In the last two weeks the registration statement covering the shares
        underlying the December $6 million financing have become free
        trading. About 7 million new shares are now eligible to be free
        trading with a cost basis of $.85. Technically, this potential supply
        could be a bit of a negative in the very short term- which spells
        opportunity for you.

        It's worth noting that 2 of the company's independent board members
        participated in this financing to the tune of $1.3 million- probably
        not for a lousy $.30 gain.

        If supply outstrips demand for a brief time, the stock could possibly
        drift down into the $1.00 to $1.10 region. I can't see it trading
        much below there- it hardly seems worth selling $.85 stock for $1 in
        light of the upside over time.

        On the other hand, today's five new lease signings is just this
        week's news. Who knows what's coming next week that could put a
        charge into the stock- SPKL seems to make a substantive announcement
        about every 10 days delivering real corporate progress. The company
        is certainly getting a lot of momentum.

        Consider the following: How many shares will you own when the 100th
        store opens, and more importantly, where will the stock be trading? I
        can't wait to find out.