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  • uisisgoindown uisisgoindown Mar 20, 2001 2:38 PM Flag

    Question to Mead holders

    Mead has built a new facility behind thier own to handle the kodak product.

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    • If true, than digital cameras would be my guess....astro CCD imaging (which uses Kodak chips) just doesn't have the sales volume to justify it (in my opinion)....any HARD sources to this mystery Kodak deal??? Or is it just another rumor???????

      PS: Got my MEAD buy order in at 4!!!

      PPS: (Norman, OK) is a great source of Meade products. Most items are in stock, and orders arrive quickly. As you may have noticed, there's very little difference in Meade products from dealer to dealer. Also, Astronomics specializes in astronomy....they're not just another know-nothing camera store!!! You can count on them for good, honest advice. It's the only mail order source I use anymore.

    • As of 3/16/01 there was no evedance of any construction for a new "Kodak Wing" behind (R+R tracks would get in the way)next to (Golf course on one side, bloody great vacant lot on the other side) or in front of (half empty [full] parking lot) the existing 161,000 sq/ft Meade facility in Irvine CA.