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  • mtgfriendofman mtgfriendofman May 14, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    What's Plan B?

    From the recent conference call--

    John Frankola - Vista Investment Management

    Is there a plan B if the quarter doesn't materialize and you burn through three more months of cash and is there a plan B or is your strategy fully based on becoming a much larger company in a relatively short period of time?

    Frank Tilley

    Well, our fundamental strategy is one of growth. We do think that there is a... it would be very difficult to shrink this company and remain a public company to the point that we could be profitable at this level of business. So, the cost of being public is significant. And it would, so our emphasis is on the growth strategy. Obviously, we constantly evaluate alternatives. Our Board is very involved in considering alternatives and should that be necessary we will do.

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    • Plan B has always been to pay the execs a salary way over market for this little company and close the doors---what would somebody buy-- no employees, no backlog and no products. Not even a client list.

    • Sounds like a typical non-answer to the question. I am really surprised none of the analysts seem to ask the piercing questions. During the call, management talked about the quality of their sales pipeline, but that line has gotten so much wear, I would have expected an analyst to jump on it. They will continue to burn cash until they are bought out, or they run out of money.