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  • scared_to_post scared_to_post Oct 8, 2011 9:18 AM Flag

    Raser Suit Complaint

    Check this out.......Friday my 64 year old neighbors and I went for a bike ride. We live in St George now. My friend's wife crashed. She is ok. One of the men who stopped to help gave me a ride home with our bikes. He said he lived in St George but worked in Milford. I asked him what he does..........are you ready?.........he runs the geothermal power plant. I told him I had been following Raser since they switched from electric motors to geothermal. He said two of his employees used to work at the Raser plant. I asked him his opinion about what went wrong and he said they never proved the wells. They just drilled. He said there isn't sufficient flow. Any good attorney will subpoena former employees to get information like this. His plant is air cooled using over 50 fans. He agreed he thought it was a scam based on the poor engineering.