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  • Stock_Meister_98 Stock_Meister_98 Apr 24, 1998 9:33 PM Flag

    Mr. Mission control.............

    You raise an interesting issue when you talk about one doing his/her own research. Having worked in a brokerage house this surprises me. I have had brokers before from various firms. All were fairly decent but not exceptional. And all of them, allegedly, did some research. No I am not capable of conducting research, and I am the first to admit it. But why should I when I can follow the Lion and his 80% success rate?

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    • I bought 2 weeks ago @ 3. Very small amount of shares just cause this is such a gamble. I would sugest to do your own research, as always. Look @ ATEC. I'm in East Falls how about you???

    • i think it should be 4 by the end of monday.

    • What do you think about target price for PQT?
      I think 3 1/2 by Web and possible 4 by Friday.

      See you later.


    • FAKE yuri777_ said nothing about LionMaster and StockMeister
      yuri777 did though, and I'm sure yuri777 meant everything.

    • We have a lot in common, I checked your profile . I am from Philly and am a physical therapist. I am thinking of getting in tomorrow, based on article looks like a lot of people are jumping in tomorrow. I know it's late, but if possible please get back to me with your advice before opening.Thanks in advance, GOOD LUCK TODAY!

    • I am wondering what changed your saying so much!

      Now, can we focus on our stock--PQT? Do we still have a chance to see it @4 next week??????

    • >But why should I when I can follow the Lion and his 80% success

      80% rate??
      ha ha ha
      in your dreams maybe...
      The guy is just another pump and dump artist..
      He has lost people tons of money..
      Just ask the people on the LEAP board who hate his guts!!

      • 1 Reply to yuri777
      • Well I see the jealous yuri, alias queenfine, kingfine, mexicansushi, etc, etc. is back at it!

        I am the original Stock_Meister_98. Always check for the date on my personal profile. It is March 17th. All others pretending to be me are frauds.

        And speaking of frauds, steer clear of the envious yuri and his band of gypsies, tramps, and thieves! He is a very jealous
        fellow. He represents the soft underbelly of society, spreading vicious accusations and collosal untruths. The fact of the matter is
        many, many ppl profitted from LEAP. In fact LEAP closed up again on Friday. LEAP is also higher than it ever was before
        Lionmaster88 predicted its rise. If in fact there are those on the LEAP BB who dislike Lionmaster88, it is simply because they either
        missed the boat when LEAP took a meteoric rise, or they failed to sell when appropriate. This is not the fault of any one man, vis
        a vis Lionmaster88! Be serious! Can any one man posting on these BBs actually move a stock? Hmmmmmmmm, makes one wonder!

        In order to eliminate the callous and baseless accusations from such multi-aliased deceivers as Mr. yuri and company, we at King FINE and the FINE BB are taking steps to eliminate the confusion. The NEW King FINE web Site which will debut within a day or so, will announce Lionmaster88's Intra-Day stock pick electronically, which means he will send it directly himself.
        Therefore in the future you only need to keep checking the web site. Current URL:

        target=new >

        New site:

        target=new >

        When perfected, hopefully within 24 to 48 hours, all you need to do is access the new Site and constantly reload between 9:30 AM and approximately 10:30AM to see if Lionmaster88 has entered one of his now legendary Inra-day picks. If he is not going to enter one, we have requested that he inform us, and we will also announce that, as soon as we are informed.

        Please bookmark BOTH sites.

        So in the immediate future it will no longer be necessary to be a victim of the type of mis-information desseminated by the likes of the jealous Mr. yuri and his aliases.

        Further, if you wish to be on a E-mail list which will be sent simultaneously to thousands once his pick has been posted on the Site, please contact me at <> Thank you for your time. Steve M.

    • He is no better than anybody else. admit it! You are trying to pull a Tokyo Joe/Mex. He has been losing followers in droves lately. You have no chance.