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  • lagrammy01 lagrammy01 Nov 15, 2011 9:57 AM Flag

    Buying AT Here @$13.15-$13.19 To My Core Holdings, This Is A Long Term Keeper...

    With CPILP acquisition, the payout ratio should fall below 80% from now on, and it is very safe to keep paying the current about 10% dividend in the years to come if not raised even more, this is one of the few core holdings that everyone should have in his/her portfolio. I am buying here @$13.15-$13.19 with the money I've made recently with other trading stocks.

    Good luck to all longs here.

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    • i wanted to see the history of dividends. yahoo shows only going back to 2010. at did not pay dividends before 2010? planning to buy some for income. any advise, please..,

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    • Sold my long position here @$14.79-$14.80, bought @$13.20 on average in Nov. 2011 plus $.9 in dividends for a total gain $2.5 per share for about 10 months holding or about 20% return, not bad and never sorry to take profit. AT is still a great company IMO and nothing wrong fundamentals, just found something better elsewhere.

      Good luck to all longs here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The brokerage collects the fee only if dividends are paid, on behalf of the clearing bank, usually Mellon.

    • I am very familiar with n-grid,actually did some subcontract work for niagara mohawk,which was bought by ngg,also bought keyspan.n-grid is a huge diverse ute,btw payout ratio 138%

    • Talking about crooks, how about LNKD whose stock hit $120 and now the insiders who got stock at $45 want to bail out at $71.

      Every time I get a message from Linkedin I delete it.

    • I would be interested to hear about the dividend fee but meanwhile I don't think any of us have an inside edge on predicting stock prices from day to day.

      Today marvelous NGG dropped 1.46% and who knows what it will do tomorrow. Admittedly AT is 20% off its 52 week high while NGG is only off 6%. Maybe there is more upside room for AT now ?

      No doubt there are plenty of stocks that have done better like T, RDSA, but none of them are guaranteed either. I would rather be holding AT than IDT, CS, UBS, CSCO, CCJ, or HL. Even BA hasn't done better and they just received a huge order and BP was fat and happy until the blowout so I guess there must be plenty of incompetent management around; not to mention incompetent politicians. If you read the Discussions for most companies you will see that most posters think that the management of their companies are all idiots.

      I would like to believe that AT has pretty competent management and am hoping that they will prove it soon.

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      • i sold my NGG and bought more AT with some of the proceeds. Ill buy more tomorrow if it continues dropping.
        looking at a worst case scenario lets say that the div is 120% of distributable cash flow. lets assume they slave the div so that the ratio is only 100% (my worst case,i dont see them cutting it more). that implys a div cut to about .96/year. thats still a 7.1% yield and thats after poor performance

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    • I own 4 ADR's and none have charged me fees. Two have w/h foreign taxes but that's to be expected.I get those back when I file my 1040.


    • Right, then get hit with usurious ADR dividend fees of around 1 % when the div is paid out.

    • There was a discussion on the conference call, which BTW, can still be heard on the AT website.

      The CEO confirmed that the payout ratio would remain at 100 to 105% for this year and "should come down next year". He did not specify in either discussion what he expects the ratio to be, but compared AT's ratio to some MLP's and Canadian trusts- NOTE, he did not use other power companies as comparison, which worries me.

      They are counting alot on the acretive effects of buying the CPLP.

      He was asked about why they had to pay such a high interest rate on the bond, and he stated it is becuase they are new to the bond marked, but he expects the price of those bonds will go down next year when they become known, ( secondary market trading) I guess.

      Here again, he is betting alot on CPLP
      I'm staying on the sidelines for a while yet.

    • You said in october to buy at 14.23,and that once cpilp acquisition closes it would rise to over 15.00 a share.
      If you are averaging down thats your business,But I see figures in the qtrly report that need some splaining.
      Waiting for BMO analyst report,as they were underwriters for acquisition and recommended tendering notes/ips for new common share float.

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