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  • jmesa Apr 4, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    AT- Why I buy more on the dips

    old news still comes out on this stock. Yep their being sued- everyone knows lawyers love to jump in to get a piece of the pie - I vote for the underdog- When everyone says buy I sell - when everyone says sell I buy- AT will recover-it has a new COO - two upgrades and insider buying- COO will clean up house- ITS a utility company- true real assets not just paper- Worth 3B . A 97% Clean company- This coompany need a little time to recover , I got alot of time. In the mean time I buy a little more to get my PPS down and waite for the recovery-

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • And collect a nice dividend in the meantime...banks are paying next to nothing,,,plus just read on the companies site they have a dividend reinvestment program that allows shareholders to buy the stock at 3% discount to whatever the market price is....if they can get over this legal assault,the stock should fare well

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Agree -- old news comes out on this stock. However no new trust worthy news has come out of this management. You are going on what is published but not on what management may be holding close to heart. I do believe the book price, revenue projection, debt, forward looking statement will all be adjusted because of some due diligence. Lots of hype going on to get some short term gain from this stock. Sideline looks great place to be. Bleeding will stop but this will trade between 4:70 to 5:10 for sometime to come.

    • I am just hoping for at least a temporary bump back to the high 5's range so that I can get out.

    • I don't think your optimism is justified because this company is deeply in debt and doesn't have the cash flow to justify it's reduced dividend. When the dividend is severely reduced again or eliminated entirely the stock price will reflect the total lack of confidence shareholders have in this inept management.

    • I agree. I wouldn't put the kid's 529 plan in this, but at some point you have to ask yourself if the current stock price is totally overdone to the down side. The utility is highly leveraged and certainly stumbled on some acquisition strategy. But if you think they'll avoid bankruptcy (I do), there's tons worse ideas out there to put some idle cash.

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