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  • fiestywifey fiestywifey Oct 5, 2012 1:21 AM Flag

    Up today, DOWN TOMORROW

    Just the sheep following the herd. Tomorrow is another day. How can this chain of schlock stores, closing 40 of them, and not making any money go higher? The Hassidim come in, buy all the sale items and go elsewhere for the rest. How can they make any money?

    I'm still calling for sub $1 pricing in the near future. The trend is still lower no matter a little dead cat bounce.


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    • Do you have a link to your supposed news or are you just bashing this stock for no reason. There has been an increase in volume of around 1,000% in the last two days. The only way this stock will go below $1 is horrible 3Q results. Judging by the increase in volume someone on the inside knows something so your statement is probably just your own opinion and based on nothing.

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      • This is very simple : Here we have a company with sales of more than 3 #$%$ per year. One has to really understand , what is the company is doing and where it operates in order to make a real good analisys.
        Well : The company has a significant business in Israel. By the way the 3rd quorter is over and some people probably know that it was a better one. it is not so difficult to predict this. The third quorter , in Israel is when the new year selebration and also back to school is.
        So - Lets assume that i am correct and the quorter is better. Just look at the company price over the last 5 years. This is a classic turn around.
        My prediction is that when the numbers of 3rd quorter are published, around 2 month ahead we will be trading at 4-5 $ price, (and if the numbers will be really good it will continue north .

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