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  • blackdiamondjack blackdiamondjack Feb 3, 2005 1:38 AM Flag


    Check these stats, I own stocks trading over $ 60.00 that don't have this kind of growth potential.

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    • OK OK..... the stock is doing well, but the rise (in my opinion) it's just another knee jerk reaction by the big market players. KCS is a great long term hold stock for now, but the stock will adjust back into the $16 dollar range soon ....... I think KCS is poised for greatness, but it is still going to take some time.... look at the numbers..... Gross revenue is up, but net is still not that great.... They are getting there and Haverty has a way of cutting costs to make things work. New Equipment, New Personal - all very good signs that this company is going to be the work horse of the industry for a very nice "Niche" market (Mexico - KCS has had a great team in place driving the Mexico business, I hope they keep it going!). If the company continues to do well and the stock continues to rise, I think you will have some of the bigger boys (BNSF or CN) come in and offer Haverty an attractive deal, but Haverty has said it before and I will remind everyone again - Haverty wants the KCS to be a stand alone railroad, and not just that small class one that doesn't get any respect. A stronger KCS, a stronger Haverty - who knows what will happen........ maybe the KCS will become the Buyer..........?

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      • Dream on! KCS has had one of the highest operating ratios of Class I railroads ever since Haverty has been at KCS. He's been in the rail industry for many years, but he hasn't shown me anything.

      • Remember that Rio Grande bought SP, and KSU should have had SP after the botched SP-SF merger plan, but thanks to the Washington D.C. politics on that one.

        There are the David�s out there who can take down Goliath. Hmmm... maybe someday we can see UP get taken down by a David... or a Davidson... if they don't permanently implode first of all!

      • just to remind you that Mr. Haverty wants strong KSU but in interview with Rail Magazine he said he will be ready for any deal for take over and his phone lines are open.I beleive that interview was about couple of years ago.Also KSU fought hard with surface Transportaion Board to keep KSU under old merger rules because it is the smallest Class one R/R. New merger rules are very sringent, that they have to prove that, it will benefit customer first, improve sevices and than only stock holder will benefit. Under the old rules the stock holder has to benefit first.Also ,it very interting that , they decided not to chage the name to NAFTA Rail. Another thing he is not getting any younger. Another thing Mr. Thomas retied,Mr. Ronald Russ ,CFO, is selling his holding very heavily. They do not have any clear succesor. All leads to buy out by any major class one R/R after merger goes thru and VAT/PUT is settled.Mr.Shoener is old timer but new to the company.I wonder who purchased over 3.0 millions shares and who sold them in last two days.Wll be very interesting to find that out.

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