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  • bigoilboy bigoilboy Aug 8, 2011 9:58 PM Flag

    Lock In Your Gains ASAP - This Trains Derailed By Politics!

    Take your profits while you can! This stock was and has been overpriced for quite some time. As soon as Obama is finished with his four years, all this railroad will be hauling is everyone to the soup line! Nancy and Barney Frank will be there to hand you the crackers for your soup. Unless you're into yo-yo investing take what you've got and invest it overseas in China where their worst day will be our best day looking into the rear view mirror!!!!! Anyone understand who will be selling you those cars? When labor is 57 cents an hour in China and some liberal union idiot in Detroit wants 75 dollars an hour to put a 1/2 gallon of gas in the tank at the end of the assembly line it's not rocket science who will sell you your next vehicle.

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    • next qtr when lower energy prices figured in, in all due respect' you may be wrong. just if one buys they need to average in over next month I think.

    • Bigoilboy is a professional short and derogatory artist. Be aware he's trying to use Yahoo! to drive the stock down. His comments are "qualitative" at best.

      Rationally, and qualitatively use the dips to buy shares in the $48 to $50 range. Accumulate. This stock will go to $60 or $70 within 6 months. Buy stocks in the late fall and hold until May -- always. This strategy will make you rich.

      DO NOT FIGHT THE FED! Interest rates are low - so the big guys can borrow money and buy shares of KSU and have only upside - with only marginal downside.

      The only downside is if the economy crashes and we slow imports from Mexico.

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