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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 18, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    "Chugga chugga choo choooo...". Say bubye to this iron pig az it derailz with the transports and the entire market, kidz...

    sybil here, just stopped back for a visit after many moonz have passed and we have moved from qe 2 to qe monthly. Well its been an 'extended period of time' now, and boy what a run! A dividend payer too nonetheless... Well sybs iz just passing through to stoke whacko eastpool up. Unfortunately, sybs iz not here to short ksu again, only to say this iron pig iz set to get slaughtered. "why not short it?" you ask, the answer iz simple.... Because sybs iz short fistfulz of the bloated crm, and amzn pigz along with a beavy of bear market etfs and haz no desire to pile on this piggy to the sybil short list. On that note, sell stox while the selling iz good or risk 70-80% haircuts on the impending crash.... Tim geitner quit, sheila baird at the sec - gone, and old helicopter ben iz running clean out of fuel with the markets topping... He managed to print the impossible, but it took lots of dough, some intense heat, and the bread iz now baked. Good luck bag holderz that have this individual pick, and those unsuspecting bag holderz that have a whole nyse exchange of scam stox like this in their pensionz and 401ks....

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