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  • sinejoco sinejoco Dec 10, 2007 8:27 PM Flag


    i agree and have done the same thing . i think this one is trading so rich because there is a big short interest and i think there are some 13d filings from activists and the float is small and the bank buys shares in good size , but there is no value is a good stock to sell////sinejoco i like the bank but not th ee price so it is purley a valuation call..joco

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    • Well - differences of opinion are what makes markets.
      I think there is value here. "Just got to poke around."

      The short interest has been shrinking (I will say dramatically).

      Stilwell went under 5% of GAAP shares (5% GAAP > 13% voting for goodies).

      The industry may drag down ROMA's stock price.
      Where the stock goes in the short term, I have no idea.

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      • roma is a good stock safe with old thrift men at the helm .. i like this bank but the market has changed the way i do business now , much more turn over , locations change , now safer ones better , fl ca not so good . home of nampa , another old men thrift shop ina boring market now is better , now i am agianst mhc because they are doing 2nd steps at 80's of book , but roma doesnt need to ever do a 2nd step , can just waive and buyback stock to work real well , depends on how you look at these thigns from 2nd step view they are over priced , from a div waive view under priced along with min book value.... roma super safe and wish the company well . i have sold banks i like a lot like roma and vpfg and bfsb rckb...fxcb selling mhcs now buying standards like abbc unbk and HOMED good luck this whole thing is over done citi just lost 75b in market cap for maybe 16b of writedowns....stuff is washed out is my guess...joco