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  • coastaldon45 coastaldon45 Sep 28, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    I predict that prior to oct 9th answer to lawsuit that there will be some kind of deal it may take until

    end of October but the judge is set to make a ruling in favor of DECN and J&J want to make offer before the good news otherwise stock will run to 2- 3 and buyout would have to be 6-8 when they can probably deal for 4-5
    right now either way it only makes sense for J&J to buy them , legal fees will add up to that , theyre already gonna be on the hook for damages having called distributors directly to bashDECN

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    • You didn't mention what year, did you mean 2014, or 2015?

    • Coastal I wouldn't bet on a quick settlement, although I do like your outcomes analysis. J&J has a few more legal cards to play that may drag this out, that is if the legal strategy is a legal strategy, not a hostile business strategy. What we all have to bet on is that the J&J subsidiary that DECN competes against is in panic mode over the now failed legal strategy and can convey that panic to the ivory towered J&J senior management. So far it appears they have not.

      If the California judge hammers J&J throughout October, if the sealed documents J&J used with the USPTO in their appeal are barred in J&J's Hail Mary defense of their patent, then the patent case is lost for J&J (as in read the writing on the wall), leaving only DECN's Anti-Trust case in the litigation, which J&J cannot afford to lose or even battle to a draw. A lot of speculation but if the stars align then there might be a deal just before Thanksgiving. However, I think it is more likely if your conspiracy theories go in the direction of mine, J&J will make a tender in an attempt to gain 35%-40% ownership in the $30-$35 million cap range, then find one or two large shareholders who have no ethical reason not to sell out all of us that remain for personal gain. J&J is getting help from former insiders and although I doubt they trust these former insiders, and for good reason, I doubt J&J would allow Made to be the canary in the mine like PSID did in 2010.

      I am thinking more and more that J&J is using straw men to post here testing that $1.00 offer they might have in mind. Although I am sure there are many new shareholders that have come into the stock, I am almost as sure that some of these "new" shareholders are plants.

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      • Mayd... I understand the M&A Business as I was involved in some. J&J would never start a tender with this Kind of value because this certainly would provoke a Dutch auction as J&J for sure would not be the only one in this game. Comes to it, that such a low bid would provoke for sure some Analysts issuing their personal Report about the possible value. Now with reference to shareholders with no ethical reasons, if it is about Money, they will have their reasons why not accepting such Kind of offer. J&J could not and would not Play a dual game to get those shareholders on board with the risk that such behind the door Agreements would come to the open and they would come to the open. The times were Boesky together with the Milken Boys made such parking deals are over. No Chance.
        So to go back to what may go on in the Brains of J&J is obvious: Get rid of DECN at whatever Price but get rid of them and if they act, the Price will be high enough to get it accomplished.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • mayd-'I am thinking more and more that J&J is using straw men to post here testing that $1.00 offer they might have in mind.' One dollar is laughable indeed. DECN will reach a dollar on its own volition, quite possibly next week. Genstrip is gaining exponential traction, both as a product and a stock, no longer easily contained by JnJ IMO

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