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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Nov 20, 2012 6:46 PM Flag

    Activating P53 could cause accelerated ageing in animal models.

    I read some article on P53 could accelerate the ageing process, anyone else hear anything RE this?
    Not sure if this will ever become a concern or not, just happened to stumble upon this article am not immediately. I guess you never get a Perfect drug.
    I guess it's better than a funeral.

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    • I would trade a tumor for a few wrinkles. lol

      It's funny to see the reaction to this post.

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      • I'm not insensitive to people with tumors. Actually I will probably end up with lung cancer. Smoking 2 packs of cigaretts a day and lung cancer running in my family. Maybe Kevetrin will save my life, who knows. I't would be ironic if all the money I make on kevetrin goes towards my health care.

      • Charley
        Thanks at least you get it.
        I'm not sure you understood the premise of this message. I am long and strong Cellceutix and have been for a Long time.
        I was reading studies on I believe it was pubmed on studies regarding activating P53 protein and effects and it concluded that it accelerated the ageing process. This study had nothing to do with cancer.
        This was not with the drug Kevetrin.
        I am curious as since Kevetrin also activates P53, if this would be a so called side effect.
        I thought I pasted the astract, but obviously I didn't. I had to leave the house and shut down the lt.
        By the way I have NEVER started a Rumor. Read all my posts on CTIX and others.
        This is by FAR not a Sell recommendation!!!
        The Kevetrin studies are really good.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • read the last part of this post by another before starting rumors...

      I hope we can get some more funding to move this along post-Phase I.
      A couple of AMAZING drugs, but they will eventually need cash to make it .
      I do like what I am hearing though. The 505 b 2 filing with FDA will save so much money, so they ae doing everything with a great deal of intelligence as for getting Prurisol into advanced stages.
      Cellceutix has acquired 8 drugs for current diseases and possible diseases labeled in the future? Not sure if this is some type of hint of significance or just common language.
      Also: The clinical trial will test Kevetrin against a variety of different solid tumor cancer types in patients with advanced-stage cancers. Primary endpoints for the study will be safety, tolerable dosing levels and establishing the dose for a future Phase II clinical trial. Since they Mention "Variety of Different tumors" I think this is a brilliant way of just possible gaining more information on the Efficacy, even thought it is not Primary endpoint. You usually do not see efficacy in the first dosing stage.
      I have not discovered any animal studies with Kevetrin that indicate that is not safe, so it is going to be interesting.
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    • no...not at all,it never showed that in mice or dogs,just a lie,even jesus has his liars that bash him to this day...if they do that without consciense,how much moreso will they do this drug?

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