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  • rtwbybike rtwbybike Apr 4, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    I don't get it.

    How can this company not have any employees? What happens if the scientist gets hit by a truck? It's the end of the company? Doesn't this worry anyone? These guys aren't particularly young. I'm looking for something speculative to take a gamble on, but this worries me.

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    • are you funderf or some idiot?

    • Primary compounds are already invented and in or headed to trial. Just good to sit back and wait.

    • I haven't been able to sleep for the past two and a half years dwelling on this exact thought.

    • Dr. Menon has researchers on his staff at KARD Scientific. Some of them have been with him since his Eli Lilly days and are coauthors on papers going back 15 years. Look at the two AACR presentations. Kumar, Chafai-Fadela, Ram and Holden are all long-time employees and part of KARD Scientific, the contract R&D operation for Cellceutix and wholly owned by Menon. Holden and Kumar are especially qualified to step in if anything happened to Dr. Menon, while CEOs are somewhat more easily replaced by an interim CEO.

    • Just to clarify you seem to misunderstand how clinical trials work in biotech. All clinical trials are contracted out to third parties called CRO's that conduct the trials. The Companies design the studies but do not carry them out. Kerx has about 16 employees and look where its stock price is. Truth is all employees of a biotech could be suddenly killed and you will rarely have lost value (except in the case of SRPT where there is a lot of proprietary tech know-how to develop new drugs). The value is in the drugs that are already owned by the Company. Either the drugs work or they don't and either the drugs have a market or they don't. What management is doing or whether the founder is alive or dead shouldn't keep anyone up at night. Worry about the trials my friend and less about Leo's health.

    • Haha, so what is worst case scenario then? Lets take your hypo and say Leo is killed by a truck. Cellceutix still owns all 8 of its compounds and knows what they seem to do. Leo is not conducting the research and if he suddenly died the trials would go on as scheduled. Data would come out as scheduled. Company would report and the results which would move the PPS regardless of whether he is alive or dead. Leo was important because he found K and the other drugs and licensed them to Cellceutix. His death at this point is meaningless unless you were hoping that he would find some additional cures to cancer (don't be greedy they already have 3 cancer related compounds).

    • think you need to look at it differently. it is not unlike you and your friend decides to go into real estate and start building couple buildings yourselves. you simply act an contractor with plans and you hire people at different stages to get the work done.

      ctix has the patents to the compounds and money and apparently some connections. they get their phase 1 in harvard. Not difficult to understand, really.

      essentially it is difference between hiring help from outside vs hiring help to come inside and feed them and house them:) leo probably does not like obamacare either

    • Did you ever hear about entrepreneurship? I guess never, cause u re a total looser! Have you been concerned about Steve Jobs when he invented Apple, how many guys worked at that time for the start-up until it advanced to one of the the most valueable companies of the universe? Your synonym worries me "rtw by bike" You better watch out yourself, not being hit by a truck, riding your 1 cylinder MOPED with pedal support through the streets Hoboken NJ, thats my guess where u come from. I pray for u that u change your life for a better one, not fearmongering for 1 buck'n hour on YAHOO boards! Have a great one and PEACE.

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