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  • doc.feelgoode doc.feelgoode Jun 6, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    My so-called "stalking" PM to Maz:

    One post to set the record straight.

    His so-called simple disagreements that were removed and called censorship:

    "Translation. I made a blatant effort to stretch the truth to make an incorrect point I've been making here for months---and I got caught. Big time "


    "Next time this situation occurs, "I was wrong" would suffice"

    My PM to Maz because posting publicly would be off-topic:

    BigKahuna Member Level

    Thursday, June 06, 2013 1:45:11 PM

    SNTI has 4 drugs in or entering clinical trials. One drug is on the 3rd cohort of a 4 cohort protocol that includes efficacy as an outcome. The drug has fast-track designation and phase 1 is on schedule to complete in 9 months. They have PRed almost nothing in a year now, and in that time their sp has suffered from a toxic spiral due to funding needs combined with no investor confidence. A few PRs, even fluffy ones, make a huge difference in investor confidence and keeping a company in the mind of a market, especially when funding time comes around and terms are heavily influenced by market confidence.

    Because the response to the previous post would have been entirely about SNTI, I elected to not respond with an off-topic post discussing another company on the CTIX board.

    If you want to see me as some disgruntled English teacher, that's fine, but keep the personal attacks off the board. There is already a board on yahoo that seems to have that as a primary purpose. Post your attacks over there.

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    • This is like the 5th or 6th PM you've sent me in 4 or 5 days, are we dating or something? You continue with this drivel about a company needing non-stop fluff PRs .......and IGNORE all evidence to the contrary; Clovis (this week), KERX, ACAD, ARNA etc etc etc etc....

      Then you pull out an all around piece of garbage like SNTI, which is failing for a # of reasons eloquently outlined by Truthbythought on iHUB and attribute all of its failings to the lack of fluff PRs.....concluding that companies that don't do fluff PR every week fail.....again, despite continuing evidence (including Clovis this week) to the contrary

      Who do you think you're fooling over here? Go back to iHub and play with Cabel, wild4nano, gov, Oblivious and the rest who are permanently stuck up your #$%$ and will hang on every word you say......Nobody is buying it here....

      • 1 Reply to maz100577
      • What you ignore is that SNTI is in free-fall exactly because there is no promotion even though it has a fast-tracked drug in advanced Phase 1 trials and contrary to what the other poster said, it has 3 other drugs entering clinical trials. With a little promotion it would not be spiraling below 4 cents a share. Again, I repeat, failure to promote investor confidence impacts funding agreements and results in highly toxic deals like those we see with SNTI.

        Clovis IPOed already in clinical trials and politically and financially well-connected. It was not an= from scratch R&D startup like CTIX. The comparison does not apply.

        That's it. I'm out of here. You can post your personal attacks all you want on this board. As far as lurking here goes, yes, when I'm on my farm in Bali I watch pigs in mud too, but I have no desire to join them.

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