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  • doc.feelgoode doc.feelgoode Jun 11, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    There is only one banned alias on iHUB CTIX, kevinllieno

    The banned alias was spamming another company. I guess you are just a common spammer, which does make you a dirty dog and not "like a darn dirty dog." It also makes you a lying #$%$ spammer.

    You fit right in with the other lying #$%$s here, lying about why they have posts removed, and even pretending they have been banned.

    Chinaman is the only poster here I have any respect for, but only as much respect as possible for someone who consistently can't post without trashing others.

    Watch, now this post will be pushed off the first page by a flood of attacks. This board is too predictable.

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    • Exactly as China said, "you act like a bully and when others fight back you play the victim"

      Calling everything a personal attack unless its your passive aggressive B.S.

    • dr feel goode you are drunk, plain and simple. not the end of the world, but your a dunk sot! post on l love to get away from sir are a drunk

    • i also highlight good posts from ihub to be fair, just that many posts approved by you are very questionable and highlightable, which calls into question your sanity and expertise.

      do you seriously think that your moderation and the way you shape ihub is of any help to prospective and current shareholders?

      would you consider doing a survey on ihub and see how people feel about way your moderate? after all there has to be some check and balance but there is none.

      like ed koch used to ask: how am i doing? you should openly ask ihubbers to give your some feedback.

    • And a "flood of attacks" would keep this on the first page, not push it off....genius...

    • Caluscious/Fake Doc/Kahuna/Synpatic Psychopath Name Changer.........people that talk about being "banned" are likely using it as a short hand for being limited to 1 post a day on iPump.....this absolutely DOES happen.......and is as good as a ban.....because that person posts.....then you delete that post and respond in a way to try to belittle the poster and they are left without an opportunity to respond since they've been limited to 1 post a day or "banned".......go play with BioMan on the home for "serious" stock discussion led by absolute lunatics.....

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