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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Jun 14, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    anything ihub worth reading needs to be saved here before fakedoc gets to it

    "I am just shocked that so many shareholders put so much faith in Leo's "expertise" and then he reveals that he is "relieved" that their pace is "normal"--how can anything he says or predicts be trusted? I am not questioning his veracity or intent, just his overall knowledge of the process. I have no problem believing his statements of fact, as in reporting on certain tangible developments, but, for me, any predictions he makes or statements about the future must be taken with a grain of salt. He is coming across to me as a neophyte in this whole trials process, when I thought or assumed or hoped he knew what was going on. Scares me a bit to rely on his communications to us. I still hope that CTIX will be a success and I have added shares on several occasions, but I will wait for actual tangible disclosure of successful testing to add any more shares.

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    • I have been on iHub far longer than most. Doc was a very informed and valued contributor to the board. About six months ago something changed. He became a perpetual pumper spouting off irrational forecasts of CTIX events and corresponding share values. He became paranoid about any post that hinted of disagreement with his posts. He has become flabbergasted when others get the attention he so craves. He is an English teacher, I honor him for that. His knowledge of the biopharma clinical trial process is not to be trusted. He is not an industry insider, although he posts as if he is. Everyone is better off not speculating and waiting for news to be reported as it happens from LEO. IMHO

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