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  • biofarmervt biofarmervt Jun 18, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Prurisol now going to take CTIX to $65 a share...

    That's what the folks on iHub think anyway. I have never seen anything like the gross fantasy imaginations that resides on that board. I think "delusional" is accurate to describe just about every poster. Now that ASCO was a bust and CTIX not trading at $10.00, we now move un to Prurisol. I use to enjoy the soap opera on iHub, now it has just become pure science fiction and not even plausible reading.

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    • Leo should just shutup. NO CEO should be dealing directly with investors. Let him hire a PR person.....Even if sales of Prurisol were estimated to be a $Billion a year, depending on the length of the patent some pharma may just pay 5 or 6 billion for it. Rule of thumb is 5xsales or estimated sales....

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      • i for one like leo's PRs. if i din't i would skip them and invest in another stock. i view leo as a very successful business man as he has been able to infuse CTIX with millions along with his partner dr menon. dr menon stated at an IDEAS presentation may 15 , that the and leo are ready to contribute more funding if needed.

        as to prurisol. it sounds like from the PR this a go with a definite somewhat short timeline. what's not to like. also in a jun 2012 PR ledo stated that if the prurisol trial is a success, as he expects, he will immediatly apply for a CE.
        personnally i am flummoxed byt the current situation of low volume on 5x return on investment before the end of the year. i am tapped out but hold a very nice stake. to each his own.


    • If Prurisol excels in Europe testing then it will be in demand by some big pharma. That means some Pharma would have to pay 7 Billion for the drug to get their $65 a share. CTIX doesn't have the cash for PhaseIII testing so they will need to sell the product or the company....

    • good point. somehow i think ihub is setup by some very deep thinking shorts because anyone looking into ctix and reading ihub will go away with the impression that it is not only an otcbb stock, but one touted by a bunch of guys who crazy ideations. it is not unlike dealing with n korea or iran. they simply think differently and they actually believe what they think. Black is white, white is black. hype is good, good is hype. when one hype gets stale, find another.

      notice that the latest effort by leo has lost its desired effect. not surprising to me since i have pointed this out earlier. it is like feeding an addiction. ihubbers want more and more to get a hit. leo has turned his supporters on ihub from ardent supporters to calculating opportunists.

      here is to the hope that k and p are solid enough to trump the questionable management and forever sabotaging ihub.

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