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  • exposefakedoc exposefakedoc Jul 18, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    Fat Boy Mauricio (Big Kahuna Fake Doc) Works Out?

    I love his reference to "working out" the other day.....have you seen the photo of this dude?? He weighs like 3 bills if he weighs a single pound......walking around the block must be a workout for this dude? Hell, typing his little circle jerk messages on the Shlub is probably a workout for him....

    I also love the ego-maniacal GIF of "Big Kahuna vs. Bashers and Shorts"....the problem is the GIF should show a fat, gap toothed English teacher obsessively deleting other people's messages on a #$%$ message board he wraps his identity in


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    • Where's the wave clown from iflub? ? 4 to 6 bucks by august pinkie better start buying in a hurry or those panties are going down

      Sentiment: Hold

    • good Lord!! what has either of these incoherent pathetic postings got to do with either kevetrin or prurisol or even the stock price which is doing remarkably well.

    • ha ha!!!! there are a lot of fat doctors out there these days. but the guys in the military are getting so fat, it is an "internal crisis." The fat slob state police also have a crisis. The old time police cannot believe the new fat kids, eating their huge salaries, drinking their huge benefit packages, and twittering to their hearts contents......heaven bless us. I hope so darn badly we take over the entire world, as fast as possible. I love the Navy's commercials, that huge deep voice from God: "....around the GLOBE, making the WORLD a better an safer place."
      These human slime have never worked a day in private industry. They are part of the growing welfare class. So happy we have decided to occupy all other countries, that try to get in our way! Love the middle class paying for these children. but remember, and don't ever forget, the U.S. Navy.... "....around the GLOBE, making the WORLD a better an safer place." DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT MESSAGE PEOPLE. AND PLEASE, STARE STRAIGHT AHEAD WHEN I AM TALKING "AT" YOU! STAND DOWN SOLIDER! DON'T STAND DOWN. NEVER MIND, JUST STAND THEIR WITH YOUR WEAPONS....

      We have studies to prove if we run this commercial, 1378 times per week, in 344 separate markets, the sad Americans will have it psychologically imprinted on their minds, and baby, we can then get any thing we want from the super s l i me in congress, long, forever, as long as we condition the people.

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