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  • embedded_short56 embedded_short56 Jun 8, 2013 7:18 AM Flag


    If angelaplummer comes on this message board and lies that I am affinitywarrior again I will make it one of my missions to reduce the effectiveness of that persona here and on the UNXL message board. I already click ABUSE each time. I am not nearly as nice a person as affinitywarrior seems to be. I have decided to not engage the "players" on the UNXL stage anymore concerning the short attack there. A war between us here is only going to be distracting to angela's true purpose. I of course have to counter her (I assume it is a her but who knows) garbage here.

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    • Why don't you just ignore her.
      UNXL is a fruit that will fall in its own weight depending if they deliver or not.
      The pixies have had a bad enough time just forget about it.

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      • Her claiming you and I are the same person should bother you a lot more than me. You have a better reputation and have a following. All I have are my thoughts and having them assigned to you is annoying.

        I believe she is not a "real" investor but is a paid member of the group of shorts attacking UNXL. And now they are aiming their sights on us. For example, the only reference to the Colorado Springs smell article I could find was from 2006. Would a "real" investor do that kind of trick to cause confusion and waste time researching? I do not think so, only one of the pros would. As far has the pixies having a bad enough time I truly believe she (?) had an active hand in that as a paid pumper.

        Again, to me, just the effort she put into bumping all those messages seems unlikely for anyone but a pro.

        One good thing. Adding the embedded_short56 id seems to have got my ability to ignore working again.

    • i just turned you in for threatning me! and harrassing me.

    • go ahead and reduce the efectiveness of me on UNXL cause you see lots of us email each other and we already know who is who! and i have met people in person and they know me so talk all you want to about me. but they know the real angie!!! Good luck luck in your endeavors!! ANd may god be with you always! Now go in peace to love and serve each other.

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    • as for anyone thaat believe that story do some dd like I did. go back thru all the posts of affinity warrior and embedded_erng or enbeeded_short and you will find that they once one of them post and the other steps right in and posts again every single time. Just have to have that same id agree with their post. That is how i found out they are the same person. Now go take a look at your post and you will notice that if you post a message someone else will post NOT THE SAME ID EVERY SINGLE TIME AS AFFINITY WARRIOR AND EMBEEDED ENG. And to further my point ots of people get cloed and THEY DONT GET ALL MAD AND IRATE AND POST ABOUT IT DO THEY? NO THEY DONT. So me posting that is really disturbing affinity warrior (aka embedded eng) and just take a look above yet another id. When one changed id once they do it again.

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      • Angela is me Ivan
        I have never posted under any alias.
        There one and only Ivan Jimenez AKA afinitywarrior
        The members of this board know me from way before you and they know exactly who I'm and my style.
        I don't get in childish arguments and I have lost interest in UNXL
        Your paranoia is getting out of hand.
        Please get it check

      • The other thing is that bit will not work nearly as well on this message board.
        1) Long time people on the board (the only people I care about) have seen me post many times.
        2) afinitywarrior is not disliked here as he probably is on the UNXL board because of his strong negative views.

        Unlike afinitywarrior I actually find UNXL interesting as an investment idea and there is a good chance I will buy some when (if?) a real order materializes.

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      • Ii is annoying too me because you are assigning my thoughts to another person. There my thoughts good or bad, right or wrong, they are my thoughts and no one elses.

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