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  • benbillings Feb 21, 2012 8:47 AM Flag

    Revisiting LiquidMetal Rumors For iPhone 5, iPad 3, New Batteries

    This article speaking of the "back" or rear being alloy is starting to mirror the Kevlar back used in our competition. The question remains, is it time? Does Apple wait and play catchup or do they surge ahead with new technology? I do not believe a retina display is the leap ahead many expect since competition is buying from the same suppliers. I know many of you still contend Apple is not the play and I respect that. However, I am still waiting for the "product shipping by the end of the year" announcement that never came. I can only justify this in my mind in a couple of ways:
    1) They can not announce shipping of a product that Apple has yet to announce.
    2) Product or manufacturing has failed to deliver as scheduled.
    Maybe it is both but I tend to want to be bullish on this one and lean towards "1" since a medical or aerospace application wouldn't carry such a shroud of secrecy. Again I may be wrong and there will be those to echoed that in short order but that is how I am betting with my money... not yours.
    It was a good article... thank you.

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    • The flaw in your thinking, I believe, is that Steipp would not have mentioned 4th quarter shipping if it in anyway involved Apple.

      Your own words say so as much vis-a-vis an announcement. And tipping some shareholders off at a shareholders meeting of an apple item would be breaking all kinds of NDA's with Apple.

      Think about it, and that's how I am playing my money.

      Steipp is thinking quite modestly in terms of growth...

      Any involvement with Apple would be more than modest.

      You invited comment and there it is.