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  • doom1183 doom1183 May 15, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    WOW bashers are out in force!!!

    Must mean we will pop higher tomorrow. He didn't say anything negative. The shorts were hoping for a huge loss and for him to say that the rumors are false. LOL didn't happen.

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    • Most are the same crowd that was cheering a couple weeks ago.There either down now or they want in but will say anything to try and drive it lower.I like to see just how much selling really happens tomm.My guess the market already got this one baked in and the MMs will let it drop the first hour and then walk it higher.Will see by Sept lqmt will be producing good quarters i can wait.

    • See previous person's response. Also, see my posts from I told you before, they couldn't, wouldn't (and didn't), comment on specifics with Apple.

      And I'm no fortune teller. I just did my own research, made my own phone calls, and asked my own questions...and got the same information weeks ago.

      Maybe you need to read a book or two on investing. Seriously. I've taken a lot of tips from Warren Buffett. His biggest tip is to call companies yourself and ask questions. Waiting until someone else asks the right questions, or even waiting for press releases is just too late. If it's legal to talk about it in an earnings call, it's legal to talk about it to an investor calling and asking the same questions.

    • Dude you really need help. Im sure there are clinics that would admit you. But after tomorrow you might not have enough to cover the cost. So..... i guess your just hosed. Nevermind.