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  • poor_investor2002 poor_investor2002 Jan 23, 2002 1:51 PM Flag

    I want to know something?

    What business is Tegal in?

    FeRAM --- DRAM --- Media Head --- Telecomm --- FeRAM --- MRAM --- ?????? --- ????? --- ?????

    Are they focusd on any particular business or just drifting around? or waiting for someone to break wind?

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    • They are in all of them. They just make machines used to make semicouductors.
      Their big problem is when a company like say Intel specs a process its done with one machine
      (or tools as they are called in the industry).
      Applied materials is the 500 lb gorilla in plasma etch tools. Once a process is defined
      the only plasma etchers that will be used are
      AMAT etchers and only one model of AMAT etchers. Tegal's problem is a "foot in the door" kind of thing. The goal is to get qualified on a R and D process. If you can achieve that your in. Tegal has one more shot
      when the next upswing in the market occurs.
      Their tools are much less expensive and are
      more focused at the corser etch processes.
      Right now the stock is a good buy IMHO.
      If they begin to cut into AMAT's market share
      a buyout would almost be a certainty.

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      • That was the best post on this board for sometime regarding this company. I have contacted Tegal regarding the status of any remaining patent / IP license issues and am waiting for a reply. Sadly not much has happened since last year. Hopefully with the anounced joint ventures some thing will happen within the next 12 - 18 monthes.

        Good Luck

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