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  • lip2525 lip2525 Jul 8, 2010 11:18 AM Flag

    LeBron to the heat will RUIN his career...

    NOBODY will respect One title (thats if they win) bc joining two super powers and Pat Riley just to win a title is total B.S. I mean would Jordan join ewing and barkley? Pippen was a star bc of jordan. When your an elite player you want to earn your own championship like all the greats have done in the past not join Bosh and Wade! I'm not a knick fan but the only logical place for him would be Cleveland or NY. Does anyone respect a championship from Wade, Lebron, Bosh and Riley?? No!

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    • that isn't true. Respect must be earned, and winning is a TEAM concept. LeBron has yet to do anything wrong to tarnish his career (ala. Tiger), and simply can't resist this chance of a lifetime. IMO this just didn't happen overnight, but has been in the works for some time now. LeBron,D.Wade,C. Bosh all have excellent work ethics,and take nothing for granted. They also all RESPECT the game itself, and this is what we need more than anything in todays world. Great Stars,who are great role-models as well.

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      • Your totally missing my point. I never said he is tiger woods your talking apples and oranges. LeBron will never get any respect if he signs and wins in miami. Any nba historian or just a general good fan feals the sames way. How can said to be the best player in the league need to join a top three player in wade and a top ten player in bosh just to win a championship? The elite of the elite are suppose to make others around them great which eventualy lead to numerous championships. LeBron should stay home or sign with ny.

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