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  • maximizese maximizese Feb 11, 2012 1:13 AM Flag

    Anybody buying on the Jeremy Lin buzz?

    Ticket prices are getting pretty steep, merchandizing will probably expand, and Asia is buying telecasts. He's the highest scorer in the NBA for his first 3 games started. Nevermind that he's turned this team completely around.

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    • If 66 is your real age, then Jeremy Lin has achieved more in a week than you ever will in your entire ignorant life. Think twice before you call someone other than yourself a loser.

      Jeremy Lin has brought up the MSG stock price, ended a cable TV dispute, got Facebook founder’s attention & watched his games (which would be even more “Linsane” if ever he was interested in getting a piece of MSG or sign some deal with the company or Lin), got the US President tuning in, brought people renewed hope in the American dream spanning across different race, cultures, demographics, even in different nations.

      Call him Taiwanese-American, Chinese-American, Asian-American, commies, or Loser, or whatever your ignorant pathetic mind comes up with. He is a true American talent that is in touch with his roots and not ashamed to give credit to others and to God, while you are just a waste of food and a disgrace to the American society.

    • Hey Eric

      Go to lala land.
      Go Lin. Who cares of taiwan. He is an american

    • is 66 years old. Can you die already so you can shut your polluted ignorant mouth. I am a physician and I hope you never come to my hospital.

    • He is my God now.

    • Looks like TWC finally caved.

    • Look who’s talking NON-Lin Sanity basketball and Knicks and/or stocks

      Jeremy Lin is a God sent talent transcending race and helping to shatter stereotypes. And he's exposing the game not only to the Asian population who are showing support for Lin in great force, but he is liked by whites and blacks who outnumbers the Asian population in the US. And he is likely going to help bring a closer deal between MSG and Time Warner Cable.

      If you cannot contribute to this board, just take your ignorant Taiwanese-American hating (which includes Jeremy Lin) trash somewhere else and shut up

    • You hit it on the head.

      He is great for business and the stock.

      Heck even even won me over as a fan

      This whole story has inspired me so much I sang a song about Jeremy Lin the other day.

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      • I am a Taiwanese-American who have not watched this much NBA since Jordan retired and I'm totally buying into the wide economic impact of Lin.

        He's bringing in revenue for small businesses such as ticket scalpers, sports bars & restaurants, tourist travel agency companies, Model Sporting goods, to large companies such as NBA, MSG, ESPN, Nike, google, yahoo, youtube, and so on. Not to mention the amount of revenue he is already helping those same types of businesses across the globe.

        There are already New York Madison Square Garden tours in Taiwan and I'm pretty sure they will come from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Philipines as well. Imagine all the additional tourists that are going to flood into New York City or some other city in a Knicks' away game since MSG tickets are going to be so hard to find as the season progresses.

        As for MSG, there is the bargain deal salary contract they have currently with Jeremy Lin. And then there is the additional revenue or profits aspect. The amount of revenue or profit that MSG can draw not only from broadcasting rights and merchandises, but additional ways they can tap into other market segments since Jeremy is drawing even non-NBA crowds into the games.

        Just as his performance have help all members of the Knicks look good. He's making Asian-American guys look so good that he might even increase the chances of Asian-American guys in getting laid...

        God bless JLin!

    • There are two type of Christianity in China.

      1. Someone accepted Christ savier and don't need to confirm by anyone but Jesus.

      2. Goverment controled and registered Christianity.

      You can't have worpship freely in house with other people, only in church. You can't talk about Bible or terach public. You think that's OPEN practice?
      Our church support many missionaries in china but they are always in fear of Chinies police arest them and they arrested many times. In FACT one of our missionary died car accident a few years ago but nobody believe that was the case in our church.

      Sure, you said they want to control Catholic cardinals but also they want to control GOD too.

      China needs to long way free of religions.

      Go Jermey Lin! God has good a plan for you.

    • wow, his story is showing impact on economy now.

    • His numbers MIGHT come down, but there's no way he's off the starting lineup. As long as he's the starter, MSG will be making money hand over fist in televising games to Asia.

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      • My only concern is when melo and stoudi returns. it maybe the old knicks ie, give up in 4th, no team effort, bad shot selection with low fg%. melo and stoudi should be ashamed of themselves for not delivering. It was fate, a nobody is doing what they should have been doing all along. yeah yeah, no point guard, etc. remember Lin played before they left and was unsuccesful. It tells you something. Lin is like Eli Manning and Cruze in one. Manning could not perform up to its peak with Tikki Barber and Shockey. They left and he wins 2 super bowls and the Cruze element is like Lin both undrafted who excitement life into the team.

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