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  • InvestorUSA InvestorUSA Feb 12, 2001 6:43 PM Flag

    Shares Plunge

    conlyi... agreed, this bears watching and a $mart inve$stment deci$ion now & then!

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    • Marco Island,
      Tried to nibble a few shares on the cheap in the after hours at $2.25. No go. Best I can figure, the bid and asked stayed around 2.83 to 2.96, so no movement. Lets see what happens tomorrow when the working guys check their holdings tonight, and make a sell or hold decision for the open.
      If it declines to $2.00 / $2.25, I will nibble, but dont think it will happen.

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      • I held my nose and picked up a few shares around 2 3/4. I may pick up some more if it drops into the 2ish range. Personally, I think there's a pretty good chance we'll see 2 or less; the question is when.

        Still plenty of time for yet another shoe to drop (although I don't know what it could be at this point). As someone else mentioned, there will likely be some class action from shareholders. Don't think they'll hold up, but some parasitic lawyers will bleed the co. for a while before they go away.

        I think the main question is timing. If we get any kind of bounce, I may consider cutting my losses (my avg cost is around 41/2) and looking for a chance to get back in later. If we drop further from here, I may pick up some more and see what happens from there. Either way, I think VIVO will be sucking bad air for awhile, maybe a year or more, until investor confidence is restored.

        Before I'm labeled a bear or short, I'll just say I'll be happy to be wrong, but I see no rationale for optimism at this point.

        Regards all.

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