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  • dike.rhamnous dike.rhamnous Nov 8, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    IMPCO shut down by EPA? Who can trust them.. but GM!

    IMPCO Automotive operations were shut down by EPA earlier this year. Does anybody know if this happened because they were using an unsafe, non-compliant Zenith regulator built by sister company BRC? Or was it because of the furious complaints of their American customers regarding the dangerous, unpredictable driving operations of their “certified” bifuel Silverado 6.0L?

    (Ain’t it weird that GM picked IMPCO/Pci to develop their “OEM-type” bifuel truck, a 6.0L Silverado?!?!)

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    • Way to talk your book, shortie.

      But let's stick to the facts, shall we. Your comments are like... going to the premier of a movie that no one has ever seen and shouting "Run...there was a small fire at this theater last year! And the way, everyone hates the movie that you are about to see".

      Yes, there was a technical issue with a part the was withdrawn from the aftermarket, but as today's conference call confirmed, that issue has now been overcome, and it is back.

      As for "furious complaints" from "customers"... on a vehicle that has not even been launched yet? Really?

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      • Shortie? I bought FSYS at 30$ and been losing money ever since.

        Let stick to the real facts, shall you?

        The issue with the part has been solved, maybe.. but not the one with customers' trust.
        If you want to go to a theater that exploded a few months before because the owners intentionally (and knowingly) avoided some mandatory safety requirements, and didn't even apologize for it to express a change of mentality... you're more than welcome to do so. I prefer not to.

        If you are not worried about european components homologated for some 500 psi less than normal cng pressure operations, you are more than welcome to do so. And good luck.

        As for the furious complaints, I was referring to the IMPCO MY10-11-12 bifuel cng, aftermarket Chevrolet Silverado 6.0L (80-90% of what's on the 2013 OEM version).
        You can call Encana or Chesapeake drivers and ask them what they think about the drivability and quality standard of Impco systems.

        Next time, before you speak, why don't you exercise some very basic due diligence about the facts.


      • The facts are you're a troll on the prowl for more alias names Cletus. lol Hey quit hiding from your flock on the quantum board Cletus.

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