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  • rio140 rio140 Apr 21, 2009 10:33 PM Flag

    Why would they want to delist voluntarily?

    They can print but who would buy/invest. It's obvious that company is going down the drain.

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    • Maybe they want to be pro-active about things. I noticed they could have reversed split their 23,000,000 shares to almost nothing just to maintain Nasdaq listing. That wouldn't makes sense. This company is probably the best OTC:BB going @ .10 Personally, a good bet that they want to focus on business for the short term prior to relisting or selling the company. I think the float is only 14,000,000. It wouldn't take much from Time Warner, Viacom or others to gobble this thing up for a couple of bucks. Nice risk reward IMO.

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      • Put the crack pipe down.

        If the company is get nothing. "They" (the people that ran it into the ground) will get golden parachutes. What does that make the stock worth?

        BTW: They finally listened to the advice I've been giving them and got rid of a failed sales managment. It only took a year. To bad they kept one of them and demoted him to a channel postition. REally, silly since the channel does not trust him. But, that's Proxim.