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  • jondow69 Aug 10, 2012 7:59 AM Flag

    UVXY now 90 CENTS a share Pre Split

    hey wat , you asked what i learned from speeter? easy, the guy is a common sense no BS, invester/trader, also he gave this board a tip on SGI , stock when it hit 6$, said it pulled back to far, today it's at 8.68? WAT, any idiot who see's a stock like UVXY go from 12's to 24 and doesn;t sell, then rides it all the way down to 5.34 shouldn't be on this board giving people advice!

    I'll say it again, any one who buys in in the 12's ridas a ETF to 24, doesn;t sell, but rides it back down to the 5's, is nuts, it's basically indefensable, and i'll say one more thing, you better hope UVXY gets a RS, because if it doesn't it goes to zero! IMO, UVXY will be allowed to fade away like TVIX. IMO because of law suits, UVXY, will be afraid to RS, jmo, i'm gone for today

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