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  • jondow69 Aug 17, 2012 8:29 PM Flag

    XIV bid is $14.34 after hours who's buying Nobody that's who.

    hey wat i tried that still no dice, in the last 2 weeks i could've made 3700$ shorting XIV, at the EOY, i'm getting rid of scottrade, a cheapskate charlie operation. one time i tried shorting over a w/e it the order said subject to approval, monday morn, guess what? wasn't approved not enough shares. with scottrade the retail guys take a back seat. now a lot of regular stocks i can short, but SPY/XIV, nope, at least not at the levels you want them where the market is getting toppy like right now. this low volume melt up, just can't keep going. i'm not even looking for a crash, just expect at least a 3-5% pull back. next week you have FOMC results on wens, 8/22/12. i really believe MONDAY we go red in the S&P. we closed at the top of the S&P today, no promises but monday i see red. JMO. and again i'm not a perma bear, just being prudent. but i was thinking, we really don't know how much stock buying is coming from over seas investers, banks governments etc. JMHO. have a good w/e, leaving now!

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