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  • clatsun310 clatsun310 Aug 21, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

    COVERED my XIV short at $13.92 I'm out Only a little profit.


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    • jondow69 Aug 21, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

      hey clat, good move, scottrade had no shorts today, those guys S$$K, does TDA, still have shorts for XIV, shorting XIV, around the 14.50's seems like almost sure $, the word is ALMOST, ps, that XIV, doesn't seem to be tracking well the last week or so, maybe because of heavy short interest. well at least UVXY gave the longs a little hope at least for today. you can go broke with UVXY, trying to find the bottom. this market is a scam, i knew we where going down, when the analysts where saying apple to 900$, S&P 1500 around the corner, i feel bad for the poor suckers who bought this market at the to, same crap happened at the end of march, and 2nd day of april, they stepped on the gas, and roped in all the saps! that's what happens when you have a lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww volume rally, with 60=80% of the people trading are the HFT'ers, when they sell, down draft city!jmo

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      • JONDOW thanks had to pull the trigger and cover. Did you see the differential? Differential was 130 when I covered. DOW up 50 then down 80. That'a a triple digit move in my book. And that has been rare to the down side. I will short UVXY if the VIX moves a couple points North. Margins are expensive at current price.

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