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  • jondow69 Sep 14, 2012 7:09 PM Flag

    JVA, Insider Sold - Gordon Brothers sold stock at $9

    hey danny, be careful with JVA, i've dealt with it before, once the momentum traders on high volume, leave, it can come tumbling down, saw it the last time, it spiked to like 13-15, then started to crumble, a bunch of people averaged down, remember JVA, went to the 4's, has doubled, don't get greedy. don't be surprised to see JVA in the 6's next week, JMHO g/l.

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    • Jondown,

      Diversification is my #1 rule. Play safe & sleep well.

      Take care,

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      • I sold all of my GRPN and made good money on it, and still down on JVA. That's why it make even. Otherwise, I will lost big on JVA. So, wish me luck on JVA.

      • jondow69 Sep 14, 2012 7:46 PM Flag

        hey duy, here ya, listen most of your recs, IMHO are pretty, good, i jsut have a ???????????????? about JVA, to me, when the big $, momentum guys move in, it rocks, when they leave? wow, it drops. but i always say where is a stock comimg from? in JVA's case they they were 7.80 on 3/8/12 they did a moon shot to 14.93 on 3/16/12, on heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy volume. so 3/9/12 volume was 4.3/5.6/5/1.6/2.4/2.4/1.2 , million shares then as the volume momentum guys left, zippo, the stock JVA, started its gradual down ward slope to eventually hitting 4.88 6/27/12

        on 9/6/12 JVA was 6.12 volume was 63K shares!
        on 9/7/12 JVA was 7.60 on 1.3 million shares
        on 9/11/12 JVA was 7.34 on 817K shares
        then 9/12/12 JVA hit 9.07 on 4.6 million shares?
        so in about 7 weeks JVA went fro 4.88-9.07 thats a more than a double, like 110% increase, on super high volume, today JVA had 1 millin shares traded. some times, these wall st. crooks, jump into a stock, massive volume, start a short squeeze, and if your the last guy standing, shaft city.
        so in conclusion 9/6512 volume on JVA , 28K, 9/12/12 volume ? 4.6 million? so stock goes from 6.16 to 9.07 in 3 1/2 trading days? i see JVA doing the down draft next week, wall street got there 50% move in 3 days, they'll look for another stock, to drive up then leave sapds holding the bag, kinda like this POS UVXY. any way, DUY, keep posting i enjoy your picks, JMO and have a good evening! oh yeah, OMX, awesome pick.

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