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  • jasmingonz jasmingonz Dec 31, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    Massive Tanking - So Predictable

    hope everyone had uvxy puts and/or the vix inverse xiv svxy last friday to celebrate final day of 2012 today .. cheers!

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    • jondow69 Dec 31, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

      hey jas, UVXY went down 35% from a/h's high friday, this POS has NEVER dropped that fast EVER, this was a new scam by pro shares today, they wiped out the shorts friday, and destroyed the longs today, and you say this was predictable? this was planned by pro shares algo's to destroy any one in its path, people remember this day, 35% drop in one day? even UVXY has Never done that, this was legalized robbery!,what ever, at this point, i don't even feel sorry for most of these people,unreal, well you can't protect people from them selves,jmo and happy new year!
      and please put a prayer in for our SEC of State,Clinton, she has a blood clot, very serious! jmo

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      • I meant 'predictable' as in that once it filled the gap at around 27/28'ish, it had to head lower.. the fact that it drop'd quickly was surprising but a drop was well written ahead, knowing the fiscal junk going around. look at the chart.. it'll decay into 19,18,17 in a relatively short time frame.. meanwhile xiv svxy collected their conservative nuts for the winter only up 5% today while uvxy trashed itself a whop'n -25%.. next is to watch uvxy gyrate down to the gap range 17/18/19 (but again, the fiscal trash is here to stay for the next wk or two.. which means for those who won huge today, just stay away and watch for the next wk.. why play now? no point to play after today.. enjoy the new yr with all of today's winnings.. for those who won huge.

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      • jon,

        Everyone was betting on a fiscal cliff dive...and traded accordingly...the Algo's just took over from there going the other way...whether a "deal" was made or not.

        So....somewhat predictable.

        Just sayin:)


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