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  • luvclwr luvclwr Jan 3, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    The lower uvxy goes the more tempting it looks until

    its goes lower and your left holding the bag. Face it board posters we are now closer to another reverse split then hitting $20 a again. Market goes higher into January and early February on new year rally and Fed pumping 40 billion into the system month in, month out. Volatility is dead for now and we have to wait until late February - early March for it to come back to life. By that time we will be at $60 again due to another 7 to 1 reverse split. Who would of thought.

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    • Market reversal may come sooner than you think. I have a January 10-13 target timeframe for a massive market reversal. If you see markets tumble in that time period, you may want to jump on board there.

      A better trading vehicle may be TNA February puts. They are $4 now and will go lower in the next week. If you go that way, the most you can lose is

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      • Gee - you have a January 10 - 13 target time frame for a massive market reversal. Please tell us why those dates and what will cause such a massive market reversal? Oh and why have you left out Jan 8th, 9th or the 15th? I mean since we are now cherry picking dates (due to our position with uvxy) with no supporting rationale to back your pie in the sky forcast, you must be spot on right. But thanks for your post. Its a perfect example for newbies to read and then totally ignore since its all hot air and make believe garbage.

    • seems legit

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