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  • balastona balastona Jan 19, 2013 10:15 PM Flag

    How can UVXY trade higher volume after reverse splits?

    Reverse splits reduce the number of shares available for trade. How can daily volume be increasing?

    Doesn't this instrument have a certain number of shares available or is there no rhyme, reason or valuation method for it? What's the number of outstanding shares if such a thing even applies to this?

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    • jondow69 Jan 19, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

      hey bal, i'm sitting here ROFLMAO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,I CAN'T TAKE IT, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY GET RID OF THE PAIN!,no rhyme or reason? listen you f'in pin head,listen, UVXY is a legalized scam,out to rip you off,who the F are you going to complain to? i'd tell ya to write a letter to dear abbey,but she jus kicked the bucket! watching this f'd up baord and listening to the idiot longs is comical!
      psps UVXY is a algo controlled toxic POS designed to rob ya bling,pull the gold atta your teeth,jmo

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