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  • jcciama jcciama Mar 22, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    should see my 7.75 target in the first hour

    J3 trading down over! another good week selling the pops in volatility, moron longs, don't bother replying, i know the world will eventually get taken out by a solar flare, but until then make money shorting this!

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    • I believe, as I said yesterday, we will not see 7.95 again until the correction is completed.

    • good luck to you as well. LOL which asian accent were you using?

    • For some reason, I can't rely to your other messages. I only could reply to your main message. Sorry about this. Back in January, I held UVXY for like two weeks before I make a killing. I kept accumulating as I saw fit. Even though I don't have a crystal ball, buying during that time was low risk. I buy when the risk is low and sell when that condition changes. I'm sure you'll continue to make money shorting it. I won't doubt that.

    • You are absolutely correct about the decay at least for now. But we haven't seen backwardization yet

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      • decay is from the leveraged nature of this garbage. contango is going to exist 99% of the time. the only way to make money is to be long when this heads into backwardation. i just can't figure out how anyone would go long if they did 5 minutes of research. short is the sure thing (at least long term) and betting on a pop is a fool's errand. i am outta of here for a while, i'm looking at something else.

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    • I don't look at % return. Because that doesn't tell me what I wanted to know. I'm more into risk management. I'm satisfied with making 10% with low risk then trying to make 30% with high risk. I don't just trade UVXY, I mainly trade stocks. My point to you was that longs are not idiots even if they made less money than you did. You have your style which may work comfortably for you. That doesn't mean other styles are wrong.

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      • anyone understanding decay and contango is just lucky getting pops. someone a couple of weeks ago was sharing his charting method and pretty sure he lost a ton on this. % is a great measure if one doesn't use options. going long this is like throwing money on red at the casino. it will pop up occassionally, but the house always wins long term.

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    • You sir are an idiot. This board is filled with people who are always right and always catch this at the top and bottom. I doubt you do 1/4 of what you say, but if you do then good for you. It doesnt make anyone else less right. I have traded this daily for nearly 4 years. Sometimes you long sometimes you short, but I guarantee you no one nails this one excessively often. You have to watch it like a hawk and take gains at any small point. Ive made over $90k in a single day on this and lost over $75k being stubborn. Have some class and just contribute good things, it shows character and comes back to you.

    • Not trying to impress you. You're an idiot for thinking that you're the only one that is right. Warren Buffett makes more money than you, so maybe he should come over and call you an idiot. LOL. grow up

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      • warren buffet has 100 billion dollars. it's all about % return. that's the measure you should go with. just sayin...i've more than doubled trading this since last year...maybe tripled because i never trade more than half of my account in one position. i made 20% shorting jcp just this year, so it's hard to say how much i've actually made shorting this, but usually i roll 10% and have done that more times than i can count. the first week this year when others were calling for the end of the world i made 40% shorting this. i don't blindly hold short, timing this is an amazing way to make money SHORTING. i'd like to see someone who has consistently went long and came out ahead.

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    • Making almost $20k since January trading this POS doesn't make me wrong. i always said don't "Buy and Hold". If you choose to short, that's your style, that doesn't make the longs are moron. The stock market is about smart people taking money from the stupid ones. There are many ways to do this.

    • If someone relies to your message, that doesn't mean he/she is talking to you. Since this is a public message board, we all have the right to publicly announce that you're an idiot if we choose to do so.

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      • you've been on here all week saying how it's time to go long, and you were wrong over and over, and if anyone gains confidence from reading such posts, they lost money. i am trying to provide a public service to potential new longs that they should only short this and never buy it. i don't care if one day it pops up, that's just a short opportunity. no one on here that is long ever talks about the front or forward contracts that are underlying this, they just talk about a market correction that may or may not come and may or may not take this higher. there is decay and contango almost always against this, so it is literally the best shorting opportunity ever created. i only hope they reverse split over and over, and tvix too! i'm making a small fortune here!

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