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  • kevin9in kevin9in May 6, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Markets can't go up forever???

    They can#$%$ just how high will they (market movers) take it before it finally corrects. I thought for sure once we broke 1600 on the S&P there would be a selloff of sorts, Nope... Wrong again... Being a long here (UVXY, yeah I know shorts) it's starting to really get on my nerves holding this position. Well what to do? Nothing today, we'll see tomorrow... I just had to get that off my shoulders... Good luck to all...

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    • I laughed when I read your post. Not because I disagree, but because I completely relate to your dilema. I took money out of equities this morning because most of my tickers are at 52 week high. I have never seen this kind of broad rally before and it has pretty thrown out every technical analysis books I've read. I look at the DOW, SPX chart since December and I almost want to puke on my keyboard. It defies logic to say the least. Even in 2008, the market did you rally this fast.

      I personally wouldn't short any VIX related ETFs at this moment in time. If I wasn't so desperate to make back my loss from end of last week, I would have rotated into cash and play the waiting game. Market fundamentals are now simply a make believe in the world of easy-money by Fed and algo traders.

    • Read my previous post. I said the bottom today is 5.83. We will see at most 6.48 this week. I would sell and go short. I just bought at 5.83. and I am selling today. I never keep it overnight.

    • sell UVXY long position. take the loss and short this. I learned in a hard way one year back.

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