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  • kcnotek kcnotek Mar 20, 2006 10:03 AM Flag

    09:56 ALGN Hearing takeover chatter in color (9.02 -0.03)

    Anyone have color on this?!

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    • From WoDuGo:
      OC's manufacturing process is so much less costly than ALGN's that ALGN could not ever be price competitive with OC. They also see that due to OC's process the quality of OC's product is superior. The fit is more precise and the way the buttons can be placed gives more control. They also say the lack of ridges in the OC product makes it more hygenic; it is reportedly also clearer.

      OC cheaper?-yes
      OC process superior?- no
      OC buttons more control? no
      OC more hygienic?- no, bacteria rule all surfaces
      OC no lines,clearer?- yes less visible than invisible
      OC-more work for DDS?-yes
      OC more work for staff?-yes
      OC proven product?,published results?- no
      OC worth the hassle to save $$$?-no, not for me

    • <<I'm not an OC junky>>

      Your credibility is completely hosed Goyim. In the 9 months you've been posting, you've done nothing but trash Align.

      Your stripes are about as OC as they come.

      Keep the FUD coming Goyim. It seems to be helping the stock price.

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