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  • mopsu28 mopsu28 Sep 6, 1998 10:25 PM Flag


    I'm not here to fight with other people. What I
    gave was my honest opinion and it doesn't mean that
    I'm right. As a matter of fact I'm right about 80% of
    the time. My highest return was 430% just in case
    that you're curious. I've been doing this for 4 years
    and I've been watching every tick of the nasdaq since
    I've started. I don't think that I'm an outstanding
    trader. Where some people would be happy with my returns,
    I am not. I could do much better. The reason for
    which I post on this board is that if I come back a
    couple of days later I'm able to find the answers to my
    messages. Let's say that JBL is not going to 16. I follow
    about 100 stocks. Every night I flip through their
    charts to find the buys. Out of a hundred I focus on a
    few of them. JBL would not be one of them. Let's say
    that people are split on whether to buy JBL or pass on
    it. Have you any idea how many buys are in the market
    now? Why buy something that you're not sure of, when
    you have so many choices?

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