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  • OK. I'm just paranoid about how fast you changed decisions last time. You didn't mention that they were Keith's until you were wrong!!!!!!

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    • Asking if other people are short this stock.

      Bailed again Mr. Long.

      See ya.

      Fargain' LOL

    • Shoot, has a real busy day at the office and
      missed all the excitement.

      Looks like I sold
      those trading share a little too soon. Still think we
      may see a slight drop back towards the $50 mark
      (maybe as soon as options expiration), then I'm back in

      roadrunner...this is what I meant a while back when I said: if you
      trade JBL, you could be left with just the cone and the
      ice cream escapes... (and yes, get another broker...I
      just got assigned new one at Olde again. I'm a holder
      and not a trader there so they flip my account off to
      the new guys all the time. Anyway, he wasn't aware of
      JBL either. He immediately did some research and he
      is so impressed, now he calls me to tell me whenever
      it has good news or a run up. Yeah, like I haven't
      found out before him...but at least he's in there
      following what his clients are holding on to.)

      Anyone see another split in JBL's near term future (
      like around Mar again)?????? Not that I'm pushing, I'm
      just trying to get wealthier faster :)

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      • to me how open interest in Oct 50 calls affects
        stock price. If I understand Ptop correctly, what he is
        saying is that due to the open interest in Oct 50's, and
        because they have become profitable, at some point they
        are going to be sold, thus driving down the stock
        price. Options are a derivative without a direct link to
        the equity, so I don't understand why the stock MUST
        go down if the call options are sold.

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