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  • portapottypullers portapottypullers Sep 29, 2011 2:36 PM Flag

    For what it's worth !

    Results are good. They borrowed around $200,000 to drill the holes and get the roads and equipment in. Money they can now pay back. Bad results you would not see this company come in with the 3 mill. WLOC management does not want to give out good news as they continue to take this stock down. Remember the forward split back at I think .65. It has dropped and dropped ever since. This is their game plan, they are taking back all the shares they can into the companies coffer, and of course the forward split added many many more shares for them to take back, from investors. Why, because these guys are good. They already know there are gold and silver veins running all through the property. The more shares then can keep in the company and the lower they can keep this stock price the better the buyout for one of their friends in high places. More shares in the kitty, more money in WLOC management pockets when they do sell the company. Just like HDY did, they shot up from .99 to 7.00 using the same tactics. I will tell you I own this stock. I will not be fooled into selling it as it drops and I will continue to add more. There is gold and silver. Read the reports of the test results. Understand the 3 mill just invested was by a company that looks for gold companies with gold in the ground. This 3 mill keeps the equipment and crew on site and ready to connect the dots and when they do WLOC will finally put out news that will take this company to the roof. I don’t care who owns what % of the company. What I do care about is holding my shares for when this takes off. As far as the 5 years spoken of in the deal, that to me is also a good tactic to run off investors and refurbish WLOC coffers. I’m thinking within 3 to 6 months they will have drilled between the holes already drilled and give a report of continuous veins. This gives them time to inform all the big players and take a buyout with a lot of insiders lining their pockets. Read up on the company’s management; see all the connections they have made over the years. They’re going to take as many of their friends along with insider info as they can and their going to run out as many small time investors as they can in the process. It’s the American way, take from the poor and keep it. HOLD YOUR SHARES if you can afford too. BUY MORE on the dips if you can afford too.

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